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I’m Back… (talking to myself)

Yes, I’m back and it’s been almost a year since my last post on this “close” blog… close because I guess its only me visiting my blog… Which is fortunate.

Its funny how my writings have been since my last post. I promise today until I’ll be living, this blog will be the abode of my feelings, visions, discernments, contemplations, my whining, my shout outs to constantly battle my thoughts.

I find comfort writing.

Hopefully I will not break my promise.

Posted by: str4nd3d | June 4, 2010

Next Phone Please ;)

I kinda excited with the first Bada phone just out in the market recently, [waiting it to be launch here in the Philippines] the SAMSUNG WAVE definitely the phone I’m dreaming of. Right on the budget, obviously nice user interface, gorgeous screen, sleek form factor and nice camera/video.

This is definitely my next phone, in lieu with the latest smart phones in the market.


Posted by: str4nd3d | May 17, 2010

Bathroom Dance: JEUX TOT lang yon, ay Nakakadiri!


LOL Michael V. Kudos!!!!

Humihilab lab lab lab humihilab


Posted by: str4nd3d | May 7, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day Ma! Thank You!

wallpaperaaaYou Let Me Know You Love Me

You let me know you love me
In so many different ways.
You make me feel important
With encouragement and praise.

You’re always there when I need you
To comfort and to care.
I know I’m in your thoughts;
Your love follows me everywhere.

Thank you for all you’ve done
And given so generously.
I love you, my wonderful mother;
You’re a heaven-sent blessing to me.

By Joanna Fuchs

Responsible Open-hearted Sincere Independent Energetic. Love you Ma!

Posted by: str4nd3d | April 30, 2010

Latest Smart Phones


The HTC Desire, IPhone 3GS and the Samsung Galaxy S (not yet in the market) approximately costs Php 30,000.00 and up. I am certain that one of those will be with my hand within the 12 months period [joke]. For now I just have to get my self a goodnight sleep and dream of it. If only I have money to spare one. Sigh!

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Sea of Faces by Kutless


I see the city lights all around me
Everyone’s obscure
Ten million people each with their problems
Why should anyone care

And in Your eyes I can see

I am not just a man, vastly lost in this world
Lost in a Sea of Faces
Your body’s the bread, Your blood is the wine
Because you traded Your life for mine

Sometimes my life it feels so trivial
Immersed in the greatness of space
Yet somehow you still find the time for me
It’s then You show me Your love

And In Your eyes I can see
And in Your arms I will be

I am not just a man, vastly lost in this world
Lost in a Sea of Faces
Your body’s the bread, Your blood is the wine
Because you traded Your life for mine

If only my one heart
Was all you’d gain from all it cost
Well I know you would have still been a man
With a reason
To willingly offer your life

I am not just a man, vastly lost in this world
Lost in a Sea of Faces
Your body’s the bread, Your blood is the wine
Because you traded Your life for mine

Just one in a million faces

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Great Tandem To Beat – The Transformers

19942_465006450511_342672110511_11196979_5130441_n 61098886_1

May 10, 2010 – On this day the Philippine archipelago will vote for national as well as local electoral candidates. This day signifies the democratic exercise of the basic rights of every Filipinos which will enhance further by the automation of vote counting nationwide. There are ample of names ringing on the Presidential and VP positions but most of us know them at the present. Who to vote for and why we vote for them. We just make sure our choice is not influenced by mere popularity and overused promises but for their past performances. Past performances determines the governance style of the candidates in the future [given the chance].

In my opinion [no one cares about], Gordon and Bayani deserve the chance to sit in these two highest post in the country. The Philippines barely sees any tandem like this. True to their slogan “TRANSFORMERS” manifest what they can do to our country. Their Good Governance in their local community hopefully saturates the whole country in bringing in the discipline and progress that are now experienced by community of Subic and Marikina.

Hopefully, we could see the election results after this date and determine who among them will rule the country for the next 6 years. In our hands lies the future of our choice today.


Accounting department has successfully held their long been awaited outing last April 7 to 8, 2010, and I was invited of course. It was fun seeing this bunch of people suspending [temporarily] their work overload and plunging into the big fun. They crave for this time to set things back and welcome relaxation. Numerous planning for an outing had been done before and never carried out [pity], at least for this time, it’s a big realization of that plan [2 years in the making actually]

Junk foods and alcoholic beverages were a lot and of course I had a heap of those. And one thing that can never be fun without, it’s the non-stop videoke singing, unearthing the “uncalled” songsters in the group, and you cannot dare miss that favorite scream song ever, the balladeers, the songstress, the rocker, the pa-tweetums, the hopelessly romantic, the chorus boys, the choir [coz we know it all] and of course the songs we unexpectedly heared from those silent-but-a-bang-when-singing type of persons?. At least I have a hard time judging them in my mind, Simon says “it’s overly done” ha ha…

It was fun spending time with these people. Thanks Guys!!! Until next time!!!


Hundred Islands – we’ve explored just 3 islands out of its 100 composition; snorkel diving for 1 hour near Quezon Island; experienced the hot summer sun; getting more tan; meeting new buddies; soaking the digicam out of the rocky sea side; praying for tidal waves not to happen; chatting; playing in the water; spending time with officemates (serious workers); playing spin the bottle; laughing out loud at the sea shore; touching the natural white sand; different experience worth engaging. Next island please….

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Picture paints a thousand words – Cebu City, Philippines


I have had a great time taking these pictures when we have recently travelled to Cebu City last February 11 to 13, 2010.  Although not a pleasure trip, I always make sure to enjoy the trip wherever the chance is good. Cleary, the chance of seating behind the window of the PAL plane, enjoying the breathtaking view of the sky and all the things below, and taking a chance to document it, is once in a lifetime. With all the glory and participation of a weather I was able to take a good still image of what I saw.

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